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Fit to the Core!

Liz Downes : Zumba Gold, Yoga and Pilates Classes

"I love Liz’s Zumba - it’s such fun, the music and choreography are brilliant, it doesn’t feel like exercise.

I always look forward to going" ~ Patti Traxler.

"Thanks for the great Zumba session today Liz, your classes are always such fun, I go to other classes,

but I'd say yours is one of the best I've been to, so much energy, so much fun." ~ Janis Huskinson

"Liz, your classes are pure genius, amazing choreography, musical interpretation and your own unique performance,

creating sensational classes every time. Thankyou so very much for making all of us who do your classes

extremely happy and fit to the core." ~ Joan Solomon

"Liz's infectious enthusiasm and great music make Zumba classes such fun,

you don't feel like you're exercising!" ~ Laura Thomas.

"In Liz's Yin Yoga class I get the chance to really relax and de-stress. My body really

benefits from holding the poses for longer periods of time." ~ Holly Nash.

Cancellations and Online Classes

Sadly due to Corona Virus all my SCHEDULED classes are now canx for the time being.

However you can find me on my Liz Downes YouTube channel, search for: “Liz Downes Zumba Gold. Yoga. Pilates.” (Or click on the pic above).

You will find a selection of Yoga and Pilates classes there plus a variety of Zumba tracks for you to follow at home.

Please take care and look after yourselves, and hopefully you will see me in Yoga/Pilates/Zumba very soon!

My best wishes

Liz (30/3/2020)