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Liz Downes : Zumba Gold, Yoga and Pilates Classes

"I love Liz’s Zumba - it’s such fun, the music and choreography are brilliant, it doesn’t feel like exercise. I always look forward to going" ~ Patti Traxler.

"Thanks for the great Zumba session today Liz, your classes are always such fun, I go to other classes, but I'd say yours is one of the best I've been to, so much energy, so much fun." ~ Janis Huskinson

"Liz, your classes are pure genius, amazing choreography, musical interpretation and your own unique performance, creating sensational classes every time. Thankyou so very much for making all of us who do your classes extremely happy and fit to the core." ~ Joan Solomon

"Liz's infectious enthusiasm and great music make Zumba classes such fun, you don't feel like you're exercising!" ~ Laura Thomas.

"In Liz's Yin Yoga class I get the chance to really relax and de-stress. My body really benefits from holding the poses for longer periods of time." ~ Holly Nash.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a total body conditioning method based on the system developed by Joseph Pilates in which concentrated, controlled, co-ordinated movements are used to achieve significant results. Pilates requires mind-body connection and helps us to re-learn correct human movement patterns and develop awareness of correct postural alignment. We learn to use often overlooked deep postural muscles in order to strengthen the lower back and help support the spine. This is often referred to as using CORE STABILITY – gained by developing CORE STRENGTH.

To practice Pilates effectively we need to concentrate and listen to our bodies. At first the moves we perform can seem to be fairly simple and on the face of it, possibly just a basic physical challenge. However, with patience and perseverance, correct techniques become second nature and then the work-out begins! It’s surprising how quickly we start to see measurable benefits and feel ready for further challenges.

The Pilates technique aims to provide physical benefits in:

Posture     Mobility of the Joints      Muscle Control

Core Strength      Muscle tone and length   Flexibility

Balance   Strength and Endurance    Co-ordination         

Pilates is a mind-body experience where you free your mind from clutter in order to focus on yourself and your own body’s needs. At the end of the class you will have felt physically challenged and yet you will feel de-stressed and relaxed.


So often when participants are new to Pilates they come to me worried that they find it hard at first to master the correct breathing techniques. My personal take on this is – don’t stress about it, it’s important but Rome wasn’t built in a day! There’s a lot of new things to learn and sometimes being instructed how to breathe on top of everything else your body is doing, can cause brain overload!

In my classes I will teach you the correct way to breathe which will aid your performance in Pilates, and be beneficial for your general well-being.  However at first you may find at times you just need to breathe normally – let’s face it our bodies do that for us 24/7. Then one day you’ll be doing that same move and realise that you are breathing as instructed. Wow – you’ve got it! I use the analogy of learning to drive, nobody learns how to reverse round a corner, changing gear, looking in the mirror and indicating, on their first driving lesson!


My classes are aimed at slightly different abilities, or familiarity with the Pilates method. However I am practiced at multi-level teaching to incorporate mixed-abilities within the group. My warm up and final stretches are for everyone but I will offer various levels and adaptations of the Pilates moves themselves. This way participants take ownership of their own work-out and perform the moves at a level that is appropriate for their own body’s needs. Pilates is non-competitive and not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ class.


I teach many participants with a wide range of physical challenges and wherever possible I aim to make my classes suitable for all. Occasionally with some conditions it is best to arrange a few one-to-one sessions with me so that together we can work on your needs and look for individual options that you can then use confidently in a group class.

Please contact me before your first class to discuss any health issues.

My Pilates Classes are listed below:


14.40 – 15.30
PILATES Matwork (beginners)   £6
The Samuel Wickens Centre, Waitrose Car Park,  Rustington BN16 2NE (car park) (THIS IS A GENTLE CLASS SUITABLE FOR BEGINNERS AND OVER 50’s)


18.35 – 19.35
PILATES MATWORK (improvers/intermediate)  £7
The Samuel Wickens Centre, Waitrose Car Park, Rustington BN16 2NE (car park)


10.00 – 11.00
PILATES MATWORK (mixed abaility)  £7
Angmering Community Centre, Bramley Green, BN16 4FU. (car park). (this class follows ZUMBA  9.15 – 10.00. Both classes £10)

For more information please contact Liz Downes:

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